My brother and I have always been close; he has the brains and I have the charm. We live a ways apart, and our lives are very different. I work locally in public relations, and he works as a computer engineer. I run my department, and I can stay home while sending my subordinates on business trips. He constantly travels all over the world, and he never seems to be home more than once a month.

He called me last week and asked me to meet his flight. This request wasn’t too unusual, but then he told me he had found the girl of his dreams. He wanted me to meet her, so I immediately agreed to be there. He arrived in the late afternoon, and I was taken by surprise when he said he wanted to eat at the airport. Their food is okay, but it isn’t normally the type of place either of us would choose.

My brother guided me to a small restaurant, and a pretty female server appeared to take our orders. She knew my brother by name, and it surprised me greatly. After she left, I asked him if he ate there a lot. His smile was incandescent as he admitted it had become his favorite place. There is no way to describe the shock I had, and I told him I wanted to know more.

He said the server who had just taken our orders was the girl of his dreams, and he admitted they had never been on a date. He told me she had been there a few months ago when he stumbled in from an exhausting overnight flight. When he couldn’t decide what to order, she asked him what he’d eat if his mother was serving him. Breakfast that day was perfect, and she drove him home after he had eaten. He wanted me to help him ask her for a proper date.